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 Lore with Nor': Death of Guthix

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Who of the following do you think should have killed Guthix?
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Lore with Nor': Death of Guthix I_vote_lcap0%Lore with Nor': Death of Guthix I_vote_rcap
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General Graador
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K'ril Tustsaroth
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PostSubject: Lore with Nor': Death of Guthix   Lore with Nor': Death of Guthix Icon_minitime1Sat Feb 22, 2014 4:13 am

Hello clan folks, this is Lore with Nor' back again for this week's topic. Keep in mind that if you haven't seen the first one that it is still on along with the poll. Since for most checking up on the forum isn't a daily routine, it would be unfair for them to take off polls and alike after a week, provided that is the reason. Besides, a new idea to a previous topic is always good.

Anyway, our second topic (brace yourselves) will take on the heavy subject of Guthix's death. For those who have completed The World Wakes, you may see this quest as one of the most well-done quest to date, as well as one of the most heart-wrenching. For those who haven't, it's hard to ignore the quest and its ultimate spoiler, since Guthix's death marks the beginning of the Sixth Age and pulls everyone else into the action. Still there are some other spoilers within this topic to which those who haven't completed this quest should be weary (spoilers from this point on).

Guthix isn't the only one to die either; the one who gives you the quest, Orlando Smith (who looks suspiciously like Indiana Jones  Suspect ), is killed moments into the quest after facing the defensive system, ie. the cresbots. Later on, after you befriend the cresbots, in particular Cres a world guardian, a battle ends up with him dying by Zilyana's in a misguided belief that he was Guthix himself. Although none as significant as Guthix's they shouldn't be entirely forgotten either.

Moving on from the killed, let's talk about the killers. As much appreciated as Guthix was, there was unfortunately those who wanted to kill him in order for their 'prefered' god to return, namely the generals from the God Wars Dungeon. While all five factions where there, not many got far. Kree'arra, who was reluctent to kill Guthix but wants to see his god again and was convinced in joining the others, was stopped almost dead in his tracks by you near the beginning, whereas General Graador and K'ril Tsutsaroth got a little farther befor being thwarted by you in defence of the main chamber. Zilyana got the furthest of the grouped four, but she too was defied by the last defence of the guthixians, as well as the arrival of the zarosians, thus being outnumbered. The zarosians themselves didn't want to kill Guthix, but rather wake him and learn of his knowlege. Nonetheless, there were still some zarosians who wished to slay Guthix, including Nex and Char, the latter not being agressive as much as being as feverantly obsessed with the return of her god as the other factions.

But of course, in the end, it was Sliske, the sneaky mahjarrat from the Ritual of the Mahajarrat and the one that you meet with after Orlando's death, and shows you the affect you had on the temple. Using the Staff of Armadyl (confirming by Missing, presumed Death that he captured the dragonkin as well as taking the staff from him before going to slay Guthix), You alone witness his ultimate murder.

You can't help but be mad at Sliske at first (or be mad altogether), killing one of the most benevolent of gods. Even the zarosians, who which he formerly supported, was dissapointed that they didn't obtain any knowlege. But when you think about it, other four factions against Guthix had a more apparent hostility to them. So when you put it together, who is the most appropriate killer?

Could it have been you?! Could you have put the hammer down before the others did? At least then, provided you sympathized with Guthix, his death would have been less in spite and more in acceptance and a feeling of fulfillment. Or do you think you would have spited him even more, provided you didn't support his cause? It's hard not to though; even while supporting the zarosian side, I still made the promised to protect Gilenor from the gods when Guthix requested this before he passed away in his conscience.

Anyway, one thing we can/will/should agree on is this; as painfully woeful is his death, he passed away on his own accord (he chose to die at Sliske's hand). He has given out his dying thoughts, was content to leave this world, and went with a sense of peace and well-being. That may be something the other god will never achieve (a clue to the next topic). May his death and teaching never be in vain.  Sad 

And that will conclude this topic. Input your opinions in either the comments below, the poll above, or both. If you have any critiques about the topic design, or an idea for one, feel free to post that as well.

Until next week, Cya Laters.
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Lore with Nor': Death of Guthix
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