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 New recruits

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PostSubject: New recruits   New recruits Icon_minitime1Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:59 pm


This topic is to be continuously edited each time we obtain new recruits.
we have been recruiting and people haven't been knowing who they are or who recruited them so this post is to show that information, I will be continuously editing this so inform me (allucid) when and who recruited that person.

Start date: 24/09/2015

24/09/2015: 10:00am GMT - Snapbowls (recruited by:FearAndFaith)
24/09/2015: 14:30pm GMT - Divvi (recruited by: Allucid)
24/09/2015: 13:00pm GMT - Sev 0100 (recruited by: Elvarg)
25/09/2015: 17:00pm GMT - Abo 5alil (recruited by: Allucid)
30/09/2015: 13:00pm GMT - Meenyx (recruited by: Tds Gerard)
01/10/2015: 14:10pm GMT - Farru32 (recruited by: Allucid)
01/10/2015: 22:00pm GMT - Ch3wycookies (recruited by: Mr Smiler)
03/10/2015: 11:10am GMT - Bubucis (recruited by: Allucid)
04/10/2015: 11:10am GMT - Tekobell11 (recruited by: Flowerr)
06/10/2015: 15:10pm GMT - Sourbuffalo (recruited by: Allucid)
06/10/2015: 15:25pm GMT - Neeka (recruited by: Allucid)
09/10/2015: 15:38pm GMT - Skyfrost (recruited by: flow3r)

New recruits Allucid-rbn2
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New recruits
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