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 Lore with Nor': The Elder Gods (Creators)

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How do you feel about the Creators?
They indeed deserve respect, as their power surpasses all others.
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They need to be convinced that mortals and alike are more than mistakes.
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They will be the end of us. They will be displeased and annihilate us all!
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They must not be as powerful as we think if someone/something created them...
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They must be left alone. Things are fine without them waking up and all.
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PostSubject: Lore with Nor': The Elder Gods (Creators)   Lore with Nor': The Elder Gods (Creators) Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 06, 2014 6:48 am

Hello clan folks this is Lore with Nor' up for another week of all things lore about Gilenor... but all rhyming aside, the whole hoopla of lore from March is starting to settle down, and soon lore chat will come to smaller subjects. But first, let us ponder one more HUGE subject that is none more than the Elder Gods.

But before we continue, I would like to acknowledge that, at least in my perspective, these beings are significantly different from the young gods, even the transcendent gods such as Seren, Zaros, or Guthix (prior to death), that their namesake should distinguish them more so than the "Elder Gods". For now on, as the half-sunk statue on Entrana refers to them during One of a Kind, I too shall refer to them as Creators.

And it makes sense, because it is only they who have the ability of creating life, artifacts, and even worlds, out of nothing. All the younger gods fail to do this. Even Zaros, who has attempted to create a form of sentient life from nothing, had only succeeded in creating a form of abomination, to which he titles them Nihil as opposed to politically correct Zaryte because they are nothing to him (although he gets one loyal follower in the process). Guthix too is quick to saying that he did not create Gilenor but rather discovered it and invited life to it through the world gate. However, the Creators have the capacity to do all of this.

With that said, it seems that even the Creators were in turn created (we won't go too in-depth with what or whom created them for the risks of MBS; mind-boggling syndrome). It appears that the Creators were "born" on what may be the original plane: good old Freneskae. Deep down, there is a divine area referred to as the Elder Halls. While during the quest you seek divine energy to form a corporeal embodiment of Zaros, you see five extensions from the center divine crater, each having a themed environment and a levitating object in the center of each extension, appearing rather similar to a certain artifact. At first I thought these were artifacts too, serving a more temporary purpose as they were shattered. However, I now know that these were actually eggs, each one hatched into one of the Creators.

If you haven't guessed by now, there are five Creators. While the majority is still unknown, we can at least piece together their names and entities. To start of with, four of five of them reside in Gilenor's own Elder Halls in a deep slumber, and all of them are female (while one could say this is due to the Jagex crew believing that there are to many masculine entities under the definition of a god, if you look at other real-life polytheistic gods/godesses the females tend to play more of a creationist role, such as Gaea from Greek mythology, so it makes sence). But I digress, here is a pieced together bio of each one.

Jas: The eldest of the sister Creators, Jas is the Godess of time. Due to the association of sands of time, she is also associated with sand, thus the sandy environment at her egg. She is the original namesake of the most powerful artifact, the Stone of Jas. While there are other names to this artifact, such as the Eye of Saradomin or the Fist of Guthix, it is most accurately labeled the Stone of Jas due to the probability that she created it, rather than just come across it like the latter (although Zaros has intriguingly  called it the catalyst, removing a specific namesake and instead describes what it does). It is also known that, in order to refrain the abuse upon it, she has enslaved the dragonkin to the stone as protectors, who are both enraged and powered by its abuse. Aside from that, she is known to be one of the three Creators to create Gilenor in particular, According to the Origins of Gilenor video.

Ful: This Creator is the Godess of consistency, and is associated with heat and lava, which make up her birthing area. Also part of the trio whom created Gilenor, she has also created the Elder Kiln, and therefor the ancient race Tokharr, who have been tasked to shape the mountains and landscape.

Bik: She is the third godess in the origins video to be seen creating Gilenor, and is associated with trees and other flora, as well as earthy substances to which her egg resides in. Perhaps there is some relation between her and the spirit trees; as of now that postulation is unclear.

Wen: Perhaps the least-known out of the five, all that is known is that she is associated with cold and ice, encrusting her hatching location, and that she rests with her four previous sisters on Gilenor.

Mah: Godess of light, dark, and potential, she is the youngest and weakest of the Creators. She appeared stillborn from her corrupted egg, and so her elder sisters abandoned her believing that she was dead. Alive and isolated, she created the first two young gods, Zaros and Seren, perhaps to keep her company. However, Zaros left her, and after much struggle with her (Mah's) lucidity, Seren left her too. During her dreams, she created those such as the mahjarrat who as well left her, and in her nightmares created muspahs. As of now, the only one to occupy with her continuously are Muspah and Nihil, both lacking the thinking capacity to leave.

Although part of the definition of being and Elder God/Creator is that they were born that way rather than ascended, Zaros has plans to become one, and seeing that he too is of divine origin, that's not entirely out of the realm. Still, as it stands, these five are the Creators, and the many worlds from Freneskae to Gilenor are their doing. Now I would like to go into detail about those worlds in this topic, but seeing that this is long enough I think I will have to postpone the worlds for a later date. So I will leave off with the notion that these beings will become more prevelent as the sixth age goes on, and have your fingers crossed that our current actions on Gilenor doesn't anger them, or at least enough to wipe out all of us off the face of Runescape...

But until next week, Cya Laters
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Lore with Nor': The Elder Gods (Creators)
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