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PostSubject: Citadel/Avatar/Draw   Fri Feb 14, 2014 1:24 am

To be honest with everyone I'm not very good at this sort of thing but here goes...

1) there's a clan drop party on the first weekend of every month the prices of the drop vary from 40m - 150m, they will be hosted by me (allucid) and drop parties will only be welcome to actives.

2) At the clan Citadel (which is found inside the portal at clan camp which is south of Falador) there is a weekly cap upkeep that needs to be kept up to date which are things like 7k timber (woodcutting plot) and 1-2k stone (mining plot) we ask that you make sure you do at least 600 timber, 200-400 stone or 200-400 ore/charcoal (depending on which week it is...ask in clan chat for more information about what week it is for which skilling plot). Once you reach about 700-800 resources you will get a notification that says to go to the quartermaster (which is found in the clan keep) and collect your weekly reward, this can be any of the following XP


(we will have more as the citadel grows)

3) We have a clan Avatar which Admins-Owner can take out of citadel which gives you bonus XP (3% if your in same world and 6% if your near the avatar) this avatar will be in w32 until we get a second one that will then go to either World 12 or World 16 which is our second and third clan world. You may have noticed things called Anagogic Orts as drops from either Skilling or Combat training, well these are what makes you get your bonus XP from the avatar, it requires 300 Anagogic Orts to get the bonus XP and your able to get 200 Orts a day, I would advise doing combat training to get the Anagogic Orts because its the best chance of getting them. To get your bonus XP from the Avatar either ask in clan chat where the Avatar is and then once your told where it is go to it and give it the 300 Anagogic Orts (you only need to give it 300 every 7 days).

That is all I wanted to say I hope you understand more about the topics above and if you have any questions comment and either Shadowphil91, Kodd1000, PK Inanimatu or I will answer anything you need answered.

thank you guys for reading this topic
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