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 Lore with Nor': Seren and Fate of the Gods

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What do you believe was Mah's reason for creating Zaros and Seren?
She wanted to prove herself for her sisters.
 0% [ 0 ]
She yearned to control those lesser than her, perhaps out of anger of being treated as such.
 0% [ 0 ]
She feared loneliness and created companions.
 100% [ 1 ]
She unintentionally created them as she did with the mahjarrat and the muspah.
 0% [ 0 ]
None of the above.
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PostSubject: Lore with Nor': Seren and Fate of the Gods   Sun Mar 30, 2014 9:44 am

Hello clan folks this is Lore with Nor', and for this topic, we will reflect on some previous postulations from the last two in particular, as well as further postulations based on what is now known. Chiefly, we will be apprehending what little we know about Seren, condoning false interpretations, and forming new and hopefully more accurate predictions.

To start off with, Seren, who I wrote down as among the other young excluding Zaros, and  mistakenly took her origin as mortal, particularly from the elves. However, It has turned out that she, like Zaros, was always divine. In fact, she may as well be Zaros' sister, although Zaros puts it as companion, which may be a tad more accurate. Basically, she was created by the same being and at the same time as Zaros; Mah. Like the yin and yang, Zaros was formed of dark energy, while Seren was formed from light energy, and both of them shared a crystalline quality to their corporeal forms (well known of Seren due to elven culture, but at least for me was only apparent in Zaros after his return). As well as their forms of energy, their personalities are also different, as Zaros is a more analytical being while Seren is a more Empathetic. Apparently, a certain bond was formed between the two, in the form of devotion for Seren and admiration for Zaros.

Their somewhat contrary characteristics puts several interesting views on Mah, the youngest of the elder gods, or creators, as others have labled them. Mah was thought to be stillborn from the other creators, and was abandoned on Freneskae when they moved on to create other worlds. While she was indeed alive, she created both Zaros and Seren, the reason and methods for such differs between the two. Zaros saw that the bond between himself and Seren were a form of control over them so that they would always remain close to each other and Mah, and detested what he believed to be cruel objectiveness (for a lack of a better word). Seren, however, saw this not to be out of cruelty but out of fear of being alone, as being abandoned by her sisters would understandably do that. In consequence of these opposing opinions, Zaros in retaliation left both Seren and Mah on Freneskae, while Seren remained to care for Mah, who was faltering, crying for Zaros, wasting her energy on the mahjarrat, and dreaming up muspahs (apologies for previous mispellings).

Eventually though, she too left Freneskae, and found her way to Gilenor. It was durring this time that she came across the elves, and took their form so as not to impose upon them too severely, thus explaining her elven form to which originally led me to believe that she was originally elfish. She bonded with them, as well as Guthix, instead of Zaros, and seemed to have relished it more so, as these bonds were natural, rather than imposed upon by her creator. In fact, the original bond with Zaros may have faded, either from time apart or from her more passionate bonds with these other beings.

With that said, I beleive that there is still a significant relationship between these to divine young gods, and that Zaros may appear during the recreation of Seren, being the center of the planned 200 quest Mourning's End III. Perhaps he will even be the Dark Lord spoken of in the prior quests, as it would make sence due to his nature. However I doubt this because (in my opinion), if he does make an appearance, he would most likely be helping Seren, rather than going against her like the title Dark Lord implies, due to their history. In any case, I have a strong feeling that Zaros and Seren will confront each other once more, whatever manner it may be.

But until then, cya laters
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Lore with Nor': Seren and Fate of the Gods
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