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 [Request/Guide] Wilderness Warbands.

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PostSubject: [Request/Guide] Wilderness Warbands.   Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:54 am


Welcome everyone and thank you for reading this post.
This is a short, simple and detailed guide of WILDERNESS WARBANDS.

Before going any further i just want to point out a few things:

  • This "D&D" is -NOT SAFE-
  • -ALOT- of Running is involved.
  • Should -NOT- be told to anyone outside of the clan.
  • Should -NEVER- be done -ALONE-

Now, onto the objectives and specifics:

  • The objective is to slay ANY and ALL NPC's in the campsite (and players who aren't in the clan).
  • There are THREE campsites that will always remain in the same area but only ONE will be active randomly for each world and the areas are as follow:

    1. Dark Warriors Fortress [DWF] - Lvl.13

    2. Red Dragon Isle [RDI] - Lvl.42

    3. East Lava Maze [ELM] - Lvl.54

      Available Supplies to loot and trade in for XP:

      ONLY 25 supplies can be looted and carried in each world, Once you have carried any loot you will be Teleblocked and MUST RUN back to deliver the supplies to Quercus in the GE Shortcut.

      While looting the tents, one of the players will receive a wand of treachery and is to be left alone unless the attacker wants to get piled by the clan.

    Now as for the gear I recommend this setup because it is by far great for both defence/offense.
    Note that the weapon/helm/boots/gloves can be replaced with alternatives. Preferably strong/economical weapons. Also bring a BoB familiar filled with food.

I will announce the world to each clanmate personally and where the locations will be (if my request is accepted as an event) and instruct newcomers of the clan. NOTE: It is important that we finish off EVERY NPC/Non-Clanny. As for the rewards, they are based on supplies obtained/level. Thank you all for reading and i hope you guy's support this D&D as it will be beneficial to everyone!
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[Request/Guide] Wilderness Warbands.
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